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Loucheroo, you were right. I have non-allegic rhinitis. Since the scratch and blood tests came back I have been somewhat bitter about the world of medical science and its shortcomings. After talking with the doc, a lot of things make sense. Mostly, I feel justified to yell l TOLD YA SO a lot. Some examples:

Because I do not have a specific allergy, it is not the composition of the "stuff" but the size of the stuff.

1. I react to FREAKING DUST - NOT DUST MITES. I have never bought the dust mite theory and feel smug that in my particular case it is the dust itself. It also means that yes, I really do get sick when I dust. It is not my imagination, preciousness, or laziness. While it is theoretically possible that I could help myself with very frequent dusting before the levels got harmful, in practice this means that buying a super-duper whole house filter was a very good idea. We are also looking into hiring a pro.

2. Line 4 of the informative pamphlet states that one aggravator is, and I quote, ATMOSPHERIC CHANGES. I literally react to the weather. Yes, I am a vers libre poet, but I am also physically tied in to the weather.

3. Per the doc, STRONG SCENTS AND PERFUMES are also a problem. There is no use trying to figure out which element in particular is bothering me, it is the intensity level. In other words, stop bathing in the stuff lady (or occasionally gentleman), you are making me ill.

Also, the Nasonex did not help much, which was another factor discouraging me this past month. I am supposed to call the doc back in a week to tell him if medication B, Astepro, helps. I could call him now. This stuff helps a lot. It is amazing. I am wondering how my life will change after I get used to my head feeling this clear.

Another side effect of the non-allergicness - cats are ok. I was never going to give them up. In fact, one reason for pursuing allergy testing was to see if I could get shots so that I could be happier while living with cats. There will be no help from shots, but at the same time no need for them.

Must dash, I need to drive across town and back to be in the same physical space with a piece of paper and then buy some desks for my new office. More on that later.
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