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Oh yeah, we did it.
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This is wrong. I also find it somewhat unbelievable and bizarre, but I think the wrongness is what needs to be focused on here.
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I am going to link to a poem. Before I do this, please understand that I get feeds from a lot of sites that include poetry. I estimate that I do not even follow more than one link in ten. I love poetry, but it's...intense and sometimes I'm just skimming. This one is good.

The first line:

The sky leaves every possibility wide open,

a good stanza for a cloudy day like today[1]:

Darkness is what mainly marks
these muckraking winter Saturdays
that never quite get off the ground,
becoming bogged down in cloud.
And, at the time of morning when you'd
rather have a lawnmower up and running
or a paint can open like a puree,
torpor permeates your pores,
blackens your soul like the coal lumps
you work up to a heated exchange.
Best to abandon the fight, give up the ghost.
Best to let the darkness have its day.

Go, try some. The first one is free! Of course, I say this with my credit card still propped up on my keyboard ;>.

[1] Despite the fact that life is basically good, I have a sinus/migraine something that is seriously slowing me down.
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I am not sure that I could pronounce Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio the best author in the world, but he is certainly Nobel-worthy. My introduction to his writing was in several lyrical passages which were used in a French composition course. I had no idea that so little of his works had been translated.

So, if you can read French - go for it. If you can't um... study up or start begging publishers to produce translations.

p.s. If they need a good translator, I might know one ;).
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no fog tomorrow
we still exhale unseen like
the turning of the sun

I'm done

Sep. 25th, 2008 09:51 pm
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"Well, it certainly does because our-- our next door neighbors are foreign countries. They're in the state that I am the executive of. And there in Russia--"

-Palin explaining why being Alaska's Governor (or executive as she prefers) gives her foreign policy experience. full article , video and everything. The 'media' are not beating up Princess Palin, she just can't take it.

...And I am a zoologist because I am looking at a model of a plastic rhinoceros.
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Sep. 22nd, 2008 10:37 am
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I posted like a crazy fiend this weekend.
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I went to SparkCon yesterday and generally had a blast. It was a frenetic day, but well worth it in the end.

1. Attended several panels with speakers such as G.D. Gearino (What the Deaf-Mute Heard, formerly of the N&O), Frank Stasio (The State of Things/NPR <- Radio Rockstar), Will Rokas (Academy Award Nomination for Monster's Ball), etc...

2. Went over to Tir na Nog with the organizer of the Quail Ridge Open Mic and one of his buddies where we continued the panel discussion on the changing/falling literacy of the general populace and discussed writing in different forms. It was awesome AND I had Strongbow cider which I have not been able to find since leaving France. I can report that it is still very tasty.

3. Dashed over to Quail Ridge for the Open Mic, only put in $1 for the reading raffle, but then I only had enough time to listen to half of it before dashing back for the PoetrySlam. However, I was there long enough to hear one of my fellow Taffies tell a really funny story. The TAF group is more focused on the practical underpinnings of freelancing so we do not really get to share our actual writing very often.

4. Back to the PoetrySlam... the bare stage had been transformed by the use of bright lights and loud music to a downright happening. There had been a change in the schedule so I had to wait for the breakdancers to finish(yeah, I don't know what this world is coming to either). Eventually the slam got started and the introductory poem from the MC let me know that I was completely outclassed. My poetry is more of the quiet, reflective sort than a performance art. However in the grad poetry class, I had this weird crazy stuff start to come out. It was completely unlike anything that I had written before - more personal, more angry - closer to slam poetry. So I did not feel completely like I didn't belong.

Also, I pure love reading my poetry on stage and this was the biggest darn audience that I have EVER seen for poetry. Let me set the scene:

o elevated stage
o spotlights so bright that I could not see the audience <- big plus
o over two hundred people waiting to hear my poetry

I read, I rocked, I sat down again. I did not get to the final round, nor did I expect to, but I got a really good response from the crowd.

5. Several other Taffies read from their works. They were also not quite slam poets, but put on a respectable show. One of my fellow Taffies did a humor piece which was good enough to propel him into the final round. However, the winner of the final round was a poet named Trin-A-Thoughtz. Write the name down. She was incredible - pure slam, pure emotion, but with a lot of craft behind it.

6. Then it was time for the AfterHours Erotica reading. I really questioned whether I should go to this, but there were more Taffies reading - again I really questioned whether I should go to this ;). It was in a teeny tiny venue with many people packed in. The content varied from kind of hot to ohmigod hot. Highlights included a hilarious poem about bestiality and a candy bar themed poem from the aforementioned Trin-A. I am not going to talk about the story by my fellow Taffy, but let's just say that his Penthouse credits are not pure happenstance. I even read a limerick to add my little contribution. I have posted it here before, but it was years ago:

If after drinking fine whisky,
you're thinking of activities risky,
it's best to remember
to cover your member.
Condoms were made for the frisky.

It may not have been as 'smokin' as most of the other pieces, but there were the requisite howls from the audience and high-fives from my fellow Taffies. I hung out for a little bit longer, but decided that it would be best for me to get home by midnight. I said my goodbyes and went out into the night air for the ride home.
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"As easy as it is to skimp on your routine, rush breakfast, and then try to dive right into work — that’s not usually the best way to go."

I never do that. Never. Coffee is mandatory, which means I need to get breakfast. It is optimal for there to be a paper and some quiet, but I can survive for a few days without a paper. And diving right into work? That doesn't happen either. No wonder I am so successful! [full article]

Now, item #2 says that I should do something disciplined every morning. Check! I wake up. That takes work. Of course, that might have something to do with #1 Sleep Deprivation which I am supposed to be avoiding. Oops.

#3 Breakfast
Yep, see above.

#4 Clarify EXACTLY what would make your day productive aka Goal triage

#5 Get into Work Mode
*whistles tunelessly*
Can we talk about breakfast again? I'm really good at that one ;).
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I am planning on making pork chops with corn flake coating, but because I am trying to avoid HFCS, I bought multi-grain flakes instead of corn flakes. What do you think? Will this work, or should I try harder to find organic corn flakes or skip the coating altogether?
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This person is looking for a book reviewer, but he/she/it has some unusual qualifications:

"Anyone with vampiric ties would be appreciated, as I do not wish to offend vampires with long standing in the community by making assumptions or referrals that are incorrect about modern vampires."

Yeah, good idea to check with the undead community. You wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings.
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I found this quote by Jacques Dupin in my translation textbook:

L'écriture ne comble pas le manque ni le tourment qui le suscitent.

Translation (not mine)
Writing satisfies neither the need nor the torment that prompt it.
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I announce the colors that we will be having our house painted:

Free Spirit
Greek Villa
Delicious Melon

I have to tell you that I had to try *very* hard not to look at the names when I was choosing colors, but I am quite happy with all of their connotations. I think that a marketing geek at Sherwin Williams just earned his wings. To make it even more appropriate - Delicious Melon is the color for our kitchen, the current centerpiece of which is - a (presumably delicious) Cantaloupe.

Next - the carpet!!!!
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I am still me. I know that I have been using the same icon for several years now, but this one is just perfect. We shall see if it has as long a run as the Jawa or if I will become one of those mad craaazy people that switch their icons for each post.
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I made a T-Shirt!

Naturellement, I made a female version, but if you are a poet of the male persuasion you can customize it.
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I have offered up an epithalamion on [profile] livelongnmarry. An epithalamion (spell that three times fast) is a poem written in honor of a newlywed couple. The community describes itself as "a fandom fundraiser for marriage equality." 

This is what I call an Everybody Wins scenario. I get to write in a new poetry form. A couple gets a custom poem to remember their special day. And maybe, just maybe, more people will get the chance to get married themselves.

I'm kind of lost in fanfic world, but this just looked like too much fun to pass up.
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shockingly, i do not have an appropriate poem in my stash for this anthology.

however, if your writing closet is full of tentacles, i encourage you to apply.

p.s. i love the internets.
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-Looking for someone who is forgiving of all without even a penalty if the penalty is pain. Looking for a person who likes to help others and likes being kind and merciful. "

Ok, then. Later the ad mentions that "Its main goal is to end pain and uses a term called "self slavery". The book feels non-existance is preferable to life with pain. "

Maybe it's just me, but I'm not sure I like how all this is adding up for the person who answers this ad.
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