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I can now bench press (bar + ((10+5+2.5)*2)) aka 80 lbs and for the leg press, I am at 221 lbs which is *more* than my weight, thank you very much.

...still struggling to get back my aerobic conditioning after the flu. My post flu high is now 1.5 miles running, but I was not able to do that much on Wednesday. Of course, I went home early that day with a migraine, so I suppose that I can hope for better next time.

In other news, I'm starting to use to try to put together what the prof calls the 'nutrition piece.' jeff and i have been halfway planning to start weight watchers again in May[1] but this is free and more directed towards the whole fat/carb/protein balance. according to the prof, we should be at ~50% carbs/20% fat/30% protein. the protein is hard to get, but what's worse is that i'm going way over on the fat category. according to the formula, which is the same as the "Easy Way" on this website. i should be taking in around 3,000 calories to *lose* weight while weight training. in ww terms, this would be 60 points which is close to twice what i was ever supposed to eat in a day. obviously, the prof's motivations are tilted more towards building muscle than losing weight, but this is quite a difference. meanwhile, there is no way for me to use a scale to actually track fitness right now. my weight is higher than it has been in a while, but the tape measure is going down so i can't complain.

more rambling later. i have a princess who needs books read to her.

[1] that will be one year since he started his PS2 workouts, after we get the income kick from not needing to pay for daycare and after my semester is over.

p.s. if all y'all don't post tomorrow, i'm going to run from one corner of lj to another and go wooooo, just to hear the echo.
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i don't normally get major boosts from my non-academic profs, but my Weight Training prof did a good thing today. now, this is an obvious good thing which was in the syllabus and everything, but it helped me feel better by reminding me about something i should have known - when you start weight training, your weight goes up but your shape gets better. i knew this, but my weight had been going down slowly, but steadily before spring break. in fact it had been just on the teetering edge of a short-term low. i know that i did not eat well on break, but there was also little snacking and, you know, spring break - woo-hoo! however, i did not expect a weight gain of 5 pounds. i had been on schedule to break the 200 lb barrier downwards, and now... i don't think i have enough semester left to do this. i figured it was a bit aided by water retention, but that just meant that when i 'lost' the weight it would just be water and i'd be right back where i started in another few weeks.

well, today we measured ourselves again: biceps, chest, abdomen, hip (or as my partner liked to say, the 'butt measurement'). i lost at least an inch everywhere, with one measurement being down an inch and half. this is why i like weight training, and running, and getting in shape in general. these are gains (or losses) that are more permanent than the odd pizza (or two) can sabotage.

this was also a morale booster, because i once again failed to run the distance that i had been running before i got the flu. i was up to 2.25 mi and today, i just had to stop at 1 mile. a certain amount of perseverance is necessary for running, but i could tell that i was really done. however, after 5 min walking, i did a .25 mile sprint so there is still hope.

also, i had not bench pressed in quite a while due to the vagaries of getting in time with equipment in class, partners whims, etc. therefore, i was not entirely sure that the weights i had listed were correct. i went ahead and had my somewhat skeptical partner help me load the weights and they did look right once they were on there. she helped me get them off the rack and i could just tell it was the right weight - 45 + 15 for each side = 75. i'm sure it's not much by many people's standards, but just doing the bar was hard the first time. and, the prof said 'good form' when i was done which means a lot to me. i don't know how much i will end up lifting, but my hope is to have impeccable form all the way.

i had a female partner today because we were doing measurements, but i have often had a male partner with the lifts. i am just not as 'cliquey' and tend to be 'odd man out' regardless of the context. because of this, i have noticed that i really do fall right in the middle weight wise. all of the guys that i have lifted with can do more - significantly more, especially on upper body work. however, i do a little bit better than most of the ladies on lower body and MUCH better on arms. it's nice. i don't mind being the poky one, but it's nice to feel strong sometimes too.
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out of an odd sense of "less talking, more doing," i have not yet mentioned that i have started the running program again. i am on week 2. the first week i started on an odd day in order to make sure that yoga landed on a rest day. somewhere in there was the second bout of strep, and there have also been a few unscheduled rest days after that. in a linear sense, i think it has been ~3.5 weeks. i do not care. if i have two rest days in a row - so be it! it is better than missing >6 weeks and having to start again from scratch as i am now. to be honest, even the first few weeks felt better. i deliberately started at zero to make sure of a soft start. if my feet hurt, i tape them before and/or after the run. that has only happened a few times. i went to the fair on saturday and walked > 6 hrs before my feet started hurting. the next day was an increase run and i did it :p. mind you, this was an increase to walk 5 min/run 1, but that is 20% running.

i am posting this now because i almost did a very strange thing. i had some unscheduled free time, so i headed home with the thought of doing homework or getting my run in early. i was dressed and putting on my second sneaker before i realized that today was a rest day - before another increase, and it would be a very bad idea to run... i wanted to run more than the schedule said that i should. that alone is cause for happiness. tomorrow i will walk 5/run 2, or as close to it as i am able. that is 40% running. i did a little test last run on the final interval and i was able to run 1.5 minutes fairly easily, so i think i'll be ok. the designers of this program are geniuses. i usually hit a wall at the 3 min run which will be coming next week. perhaps, because this is the 3rd time i've started this program i'll do better. perhaps i will need to repeat a week - i do not care. do you know why? i unexpectedly hit my personal runner's high point on that last interval. i was not expecting it until i got to the 3 minute mark so that was quite a pleasant surprise. also, more exercise = more snack justification. :)

once again, the fair food list:

ribbon fries
deep fried oreos
real coke (trust me, this is a rare treat for me)

life is good, and i have found the spot on campus where they sell $1 ice cream.


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