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Every car that I have owned has suffered in comparison to my first car, a '76 Plymouth Volaré, in one key way - a total lack of foglights. The Volaré ,aka Piglet[1], had these adorable little lights that my dad had added on to the front[2]. They were controlled by a switch that was underneath the floormat so it was a HIDDEN switch. My dad was also keen on explaining how inferior all vehicles without foglights were, and the utter foolishness of trying to use high beams in the fog. He is right. I have flicked on my high beams briefly, not to test this, but just to see it for myself. The fog gets brighter, but that is not terribly helpful. Foglights simply work. So why is it that a dinosaur of a vehicle is superior to nearly every car built today. Oh yes, you can buy foglights - if you are willing to pay for every other option imaginable to establish the proper "environment" for the foglights to flourish. Trust me. If foglights can coexist with an 8-track, they will survive without the accompaniment of "leather seats[3] with heated front seats" and "illuminated entry."

Thank you for reading. This rant has been sponsored by The Committee to Think Seriously About, But Probably Be Unable to Afford the 2010 Prius. (if you can afford a new car, I would highly recommend it because they look like very nice[4])

[1] Because it was smaller than my Dad's previous car, the Hog. All I remember about the Hog is that it was orange.

[2] I have checked, and this is apparently "just not done" anymore in favor of built in lights that would require some sort of metal/plastic cutting apparatus.

[3] Can I just mention that my current car has leather seats (unheated) and I STILL do not have foglights?

[4] Please insist on foglights so there will be used 2010 Prius' available with foglights around 2020.


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