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Longtemps, je me suis couché de bonne heure, Parfois, à peine ma bougie étient, mes yeux se fermaient si vite que je n'avais pas le pensée de me dire : << Je m'endors. >>
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Did you ever try to come up with a list of everything you've ever read? I think I tried a few times, but there are memory issues and young people aren't too good at keeping up with things. However, I have a VERY short list of books that I have read in French, so I'm going to try to keep the whole thing. Are you ready?

Rowling, J.K - Harry Potter à l'école des sorciers 
Saint-Exupéry, Antoine de - Vol de nuit

It's not a long list, nor is it terribly impressive, but it is mine. Interestingly enough, I have not listed Le petit prince because I have not read it in its entirety in French. I have read it straight through in English, but in French I tend to read it in brief extracts. After all, I already know the story - which is why I chose the Harry Potter. I have the next two novels as well, but I think I'm looking for something meatier for now. I could start on the Jules Verne, especially as I'm going to a sci-fi convention this week. However, I'm not sure if I'm in the mood for it. I really want to start Le Comte de Monte Cristo but it is two large volumes and I'm not sure that I'm up for it yet. Then again, I do somewhat know the story already... Sigh, and a large part of me really wants to start digging into the Proust.

As an aside, I am not saying that I have understood everything that I have read. I have a rule for my leisure reading that I am not allowed to look up anything. If I remember it later, and it bugs me, that's ok, but there is no highlighting, margin scrawl or vocab lists in my books. For one thing, I'm in school for that kind of nonsense. This is what I do on my own time. There is also the example of my notebook for the Les Liaisons Dangereuses read-along community which only goes up to the first week of the novel. I would feel guilty about not having looked up the words for the previous reading and depressed about the amount that I would have to add my stack with the next reading. Then there is the way that it affects my reading itself. I feel oddly relaxed reading French and I lose that when I am trying to determine whether I *really* know a word. Lastly, I have a formidable vocabulary in English and what I did to gain it was read till my eyes were bleeding. I cannot help but think that this is the right course with French as well. Wish me luck. I have an entire language worth of literature in front of me.

La chair est triste, hélas ! et j’ai lu tous les livres.
the flesh is sad, alas! and I have read all the books.


Thank goodness it is going to be a long time till I get to this point again. However, I would like to ask all English writers to hold off for a few years so I don't get too far behind. kthx :).
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so... at a certain point during my teenage years, i started to get the feeling that i'd 'read it all'. this feeling would ebb and flow, but some of the first authors that I remember reading entire oeuvres are: conan doyle, agatha mcchristie (at least my favorite detectives), vonnegut, heinlein, asimov (robot stories only), pratchett, douglas adams, alfred bester, brian aldiss, etc. for the living writers, there would occasionally be a new gem (once it had come out in paperback), but for the most part, i found myself cruising the used bookstores desperate for something new and good. i prayed especially for really good, and unknown authors with big backstocks. i even tried king, but he was banned from my late night reading list for causing insomnia and nightmares. then there was the whole baby thing which gave some of my authors a chance to catch up. i am told particularly that i need to catch up on stephenson & george rr martin. however, just when i see daylight in terms of some extra reading time, i have a few more authors to read:

Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas, Proust...

i have an entire language worth of literature to catch up on. i should feel happy that my 'out of books' problem is fairly well solved for the next decade or so, but i have no idea how i'm going to get all of martin's series finished before he comes down for trinocCon... and that's not even counting all of Mme Rowling's books which i am planning on reading again en fran'cais.



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