Apr. 22nd, 2006

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i know, this has been a truly ridiculous saga, but such is the life of the lj.

Regardez Brooks Addiction. Is that not a wonderful name?

i did get them at the running store around the corner, and the price on the website is more or less the price i paid. i'm glad i went there to try them on because the adidas shoes which i was eyeing turned out to be an absolute no-go with my high arches. these shoes are not incredibly snazzy, but they are not ugly and i do like the purple stripes.

i ended up going up a half-size and was interested to note that is advised on the shoe website as well. my usual size fit just so, with no margin whatsoever and the shoe guy reminded me that running feet tend to expand.

the best part was that when i went out on the sidewalk for a test run, i found myself actually doing a very small amount of running. i thought i'd forgotten how. that's quite a hopeful step. i also wore them during our trip to BJ's (big box, hard concrete floors). my feet definitely noticed it was a hard floor, but they did not hurt even at the end of the trip. i am sure these shoes will do much better on an actual trail.

thank you all for indulging my sharing this bizarre life segue with me. i'm still not entirely sure what my work schedule will be after this semester and that will have a large part to do with my schedule for any sort of theoretical running (or more likely walking). let me know if you would like to be in any type of exercise filter should i create one.
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8 week running program

actually, i've heard a few people mention this as a fairly sane and logical program. again, with my theoretical new schedule this should be possible. it looks like many of the workouts are in 30 minute intervals which is fairly doable.

so, who's with me? and for that matter, who is thoroughly beyond me? this is to work up to running 2 miles solid which is a fairly feeble goal in the cosmic scheme of things.


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