Oct. 16th, 2007

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out of an odd sense of "less talking, more doing," i have not yet mentioned that i have started the running program again. i am on week 2. the first week i started on an odd day in order to make sure that yoga landed on a rest day. somewhere in there was the second bout of strep, and there have also been a few unscheduled rest days after that. in a linear sense, i think it has been ~3.5 weeks. i do not care. if i have two rest days in a row - so be it! it is better than missing >6 weeks and having to start again from scratch as i am now. to be honest, even the first few weeks felt better. i deliberately started at zero to make sure of a soft start. if my feet hurt, i tape them before and/or after the run. that has only happened a few times. i went to the fair on saturday and walked > 6 hrs before my feet started hurting. the next day was an increase run and i did it :p. mind you, this was an increase to walk 5 min/run 1, but that is 20% running.

i am posting this now because i almost did a very strange thing. i had some unscheduled free time, so i headed home with the thought of doing homework or getting my run in early. i was dressed and putting on my second sneaker before i realized that today was a rest day - before another increase, and it would be a very bad idea to run... i wanted to run more than the schedule said that i should. that alone is cause for happiness. tomorrow i will walk 5/run 2, or as close to it as i am able. that is 40% running. i did a little test last run on the final interval and i was able to run 1.5 minutes fairly easily, so i think i'll be ok. the designers of this program are geniuses. i usually hit a wall at the 3 min run which will be coming next week. perhaps, because this is the 3rd time i've started this program i'll do better. perhaps i will need to repeat a week - i do not care. do you know why? i unexpectedly hit my personal runner's high point on that last interval. i was not expecting it until i got to the 3 minute mark so that was quite a pleasant surprise. also, more exercise = more snack justification. :)

once again, the fair food list:

ribbon fries
deep fried oreos
real coke (trust me, this is a rare treat for me)

life is good, and i have found the spot on campus where they sell $1 ice cream.


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